Organic Heirloom Vegetable Seeds
Grow Food At Home, School, Community Garden, or AnywhereThis curated garden seed set is the perfect choice for a gardener looking to grow rare, unique, & different varieties of vegetables. The heirloom varieties in this variety set are not the...
£17.00 £16.00
Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds
This bucket contains 39 different varieties of hand-selected non-hybrid, non-gmo, open-pollinated vegetable seeds. With up to a 10 year shelf life, these seeds will be the ultimate tool in your preparedness kit. All 39 varieties of seed have been hand-selected...
£136.00 £119.00
Organic Microgreens Grow Kit
Grow your own vitamin packed, immune boosting greens at home all year round. Microgreens are nutrient dense, packed with 40x the vitamins and antioxidants of their adult counterparts. The Jackalope Organic Seeds & Sprouts microgreens kit contains everything you need...
Organic Survival Seed Bank
Why buy from Jackalope? Our seeds are HERMETICALLY SEALED with O2 absorbers in waterproof, airtight MYLAR bags for long term emergency storage. Stored properly, these seeds will be viable for 5 years or more!Our seeds are ORGANIC! Most other seed...
£17.00 £14.00
Rebel Gardens Organic Vegetable Seeds
  FAST SHIPPING! These seed kits ship out within 24hrs. Rebel Gardens knows how important it is to keep things as nature intended and every single seed is – - Organic- Heirloom- Non-hybrid- Non-GMO- USA grown, harvested and picked Included in this...
£17.00 £16.00
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